Tuesday, January 27, 2015

metland property bogor

Consumers Metland Transyogi is upper middle category of consumers who
requires a modern dwelling, beautiful and environmentally friendly. Metland Transyogi fixed
pay attention to the growth of investment by building a few clusters that have
environmental comfort. Does not rule out the possibility Metland Transyogi will expand
cluster development and improve development to achieve our objectives
as the central business district.
Metland Cullinan
Metland Cullinan is a middle-class housing that has a green concept
Residence of choice for young families who need a place to stay comfortable.
24-hour security at every gate cluster, playground facilities are also available in
each cluster and not to mention the arrangement of the houses are beautiful and natural. located quite
located in East Cibubur are at a cross roads connecting districts. Bogor and Bekasi,
access toll road in Jakarta - Bogor and Jakarta - Cikampek see now at http://sutoro.web.id/metland-rumah-idaman-investasi/167